Barmy Dog – The new extreme sports street wear brand

By Mark Barber | 04.05.2013

Review by Mark Barber

Not so much mad dogs and Englishmen, more like barmy dogs and boarders. Barmy Dog is the new independent street wear label designed for the extreme sports world, and they kindly sent me a Hoodie and Tee to check out.

Barmy Dog Grey Hoodie Not knowing what to expect, I was initially impressed when our items arrived neatly packed in a Barmy Dog branded canvas bag.  I am a great believer that the packaging and presentation of a product is a vital part of the consumer experience and an important branding tool that many corporate labels neglect.  After all, like it or not, people do read a book by it’s cover. My expectations nudged up a notch.

And I wasn’t disappointed! I could feel the quality of the Hoodie and Tee on first touch as the material felt soft and not an abrasive texture that you get with low quality garments. One of the first things I noticed was the attention to detail. It is the little things like the stylish brand logo patch that makes all the difference.  Visually, the clean and simple design is ideal for the extreme sports world whether you like shredding snow, catching that monster wave, or eating dirt with MTB or Motox!

The Tee is comfortable to wear, well shaped, and soft on the skin. The material is a good weight and is of good quality.  The Hoodie is also well shaped, soft on the skin and fleece lined making it warm and comfortable to wear without being restrictive.

Barmy Dog - Navy TeeBoth items passed the wash test by remaining in shape and not shrinking to the size of a badly designed crop top after taking a spin in the washing machine a few times.

Barmy Dog has all the ingredients of being a great independent brand in an industry that many feel is getting too commercialised, as was telling when Nike vacated the Surf scene almost as soon as they entered it with their tail between their legs.  No chance of that with Barmy Dog as it is more than just a tag, and is embracing a lifestyle with stylish, quality clothes that are practical and good value for money.

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