NEW Osprey Ozone 36 Travel Bag – Review

By Mark Barber | 10.12.2012

The Osprey Ozone 36 – Perfect for hand luggage?

osprey ozone 36When Osprey asked us to review the new Osprey Ozone 36 bag I jumped at the chance! Now, I don’t normally get excited about tavel bags, but with the promise of being light-weight, sturdy, and within the hand –luggage dimensions for most airlines, the opportunity really couldn’t have come at a better time.

To explain, we are heading out on our first snowboarding trip of the season to the Dolimites in Italy, flying with BA.  Now, we love BA, but they certainly throw down a challenge with allowing only one piece of luggage (our snowboard bag) and 1 item of hand luggage!  This usually means stuffing so much snowboarding gear and clothes into the snowboard bag that it looks like we are smuggling dead bodies

The first thing that struck me with the Osprey Ozone 36 is how light it is.  Osprey’s advertisement claims it is lighter than my laptop, which, to be honest, is not that hard since a bag of bricks is lighter than my antique of a contraption!  But I get the point and totally agree that the super-light construction is definitely a selling point, and probably means that you will be able to pack in one more bottle of that dodgy local liquor that seems such a good idea at the time, but will end up in the cupboard under the stairs gathering dust, without the worry of going over the weight restrictions!

The second thing than struck me with the bag is the amount of pockets and storage areas it has.  In fact, more pockets than you could possibly know what to do with!  Just be careful that you don’t place that small bottle of dodgy liquor in one of the pockets within a pocket, as it may look as if you are trying to smuggle it through customs, and believe me, a full-body cavity search for a drink that can double-up as paint stripper is simply not worth it!  Joking aside, the pockets are in useful locations, including at the back for travel documents or magazines, a large inside mesh pocket, and a small pocket at the top for keys, change, MP3 player, etc.

Another endearing feature is the retractable handle at the back which is light but sturdy, and locks in 2 positions.  The wheels are sturdy and do not buckle under the weight of a bag full
snowboarding gear while being wheeled around at the airport.

In summary, the Osprey Ozone 36  is a great little travel bag and ideal as hand luggage when flying.

osprey ozone 36 grnDimensions

Dimensions are shown as length (height) x width x depth
In: 18 x 14 x 8
Cm: 46 x 35.5 x 20

RRP: £100

For more details:


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