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By Mark Barber | 23.03.2013

Wang Buds‘The Wang Buds are presented and packaged in a way that would put Apple to shame’

Now, I am sure that I do not have that unusually shaped ears, but I have never found ear buds that sit comfortably in my ear without falling out while participating in only the slightest hint of  a strenuous activity; this is why I was very keen to try out the latest Wang Buds on my snowboarding trip to Ischgl in Austria.  After all, what better way is there to enjoy shredding down the gleaming white slopes of the Alps than listening to some seriously bangin’ tunes (only in one ear of course!)?

The Wang Buds are presented and packaged in a way that would put Apple to shame, with spare various size silicon buds to fit the smallest or largest of ears.  The unusual design of the ear bud tips may take a little practice perfecting the art of inserting them into your ears, but the innovative buds sit snugly outside of your ear-canal which I found stayed put no matter what, whether I was making fresh tracks in powder, practicing tricks in the park, or negotiating the last run of the day dodging the hordes of skiers and boarders!  They also remain comfortable throughout and do not damage your ears.

Wang BudsAnother nice feature which I found handy while snowboarding is the little control buttons on the wire that lets you easily adjust the volume or mute the sound, and it even works with iphones and ipads.

While travelling by minibus between the picturesque resorts of Ischgl, Galtur, and Kappl, I got the chance to really listen to the quality of the Wang Buds; each silicon bud actually has a Tweeter and Woofer planted inside it, with a big air chamber resulting in superb sound quality normally only associated with headphones.  The sound produced is clear and crisp with a true thumping base.

Retailing at £69.95 they are not the cheapest on the market, but you do get what you pay for.  The wires are well insulated and do not curl up, and the attention to detail is only matched by the quality of sound.

The Wang Buds can be purchased on Amazon

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