Believe in the Yeti! new crowd-funding opportunity with the new Yeti GPS wristop

By Mark Barber | 11.08.2014

Do you believe in the Yeti? No? Well start believing . . .

The Yeti is the exciting new product from the UK based company Delazify.  The Yeti is a GPS snowsports wrist device that is designed to track, map and analyse your skiing and snowboarding performance – and what’s more, it is built in good ol’ Blighty.

No need to use any apps on phones that drain the battery and require a mission statement to get out of your pocket!  With easy to use buttons that are designed to be used with gloves, you will be able to check your status before your mates have disappeared into the distance on the slopes. And with a battery life of at least 8 hours it will not run out of juice before you hit the bars for a spot of Apres Ski.

It is real time tracking and offers so much more than phone apps.  The following is a list of what it can analyse:

 •Speed – Current / Max / AverageYeti GPS Wristop

•Distance –  Current / Total / Average

•Run Analysis – Time / Average Speed / Max Speed / Distance

•No. of runs – records how many runs you have done

•Gate timing – Set gate points to time your run and analyse your performance with split times for each gate


•Current Time


•Plus much more…

The Yeti is built for the mountains being freeze, water and shock proof with an easy and robust screen. Another useful feature is that it uses a snap strap and so need to fiddle with buckles or pesky Velcro. It also boasts of great safety features such as knowing your exact co-ordinates at a touch of a button which would be useful if you are lost and need to call for help.

At the end of the day, simply plug it into your PC or Mac to download and analyse all the data of the day – ideal for bragging rights!

The Yeti can easily be pimped up to your tastes with no less than 36 colour combo’s.

Want to get involved?  At the moment the Yeti is a fully working prototype and is using crowd funding with to get it launched using some fantastic incentives.

Check it out here and get involved:

Indiegogo – crowd funding opportunity with the Yeti GPS wristop – get involved with some amazing incentives!


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