Barmy Dog

By Mark Barber | 11.05.2013

Barmy Dog clothingWhether you’re pounding the ground or the pedals, thinking just one more mile just one more mile, or heading off piste looking for the powder, hell, even if you’re popping down to the shop for a paper and a pint of milk, our stylish gear is perfect for the life you lead.

 We want you to enjoy life and enjoy the clothes that you’re wearing.  In fact our motto is have fun each day, love the sports you do and enjoy them for no other reason.  Barmy Dog clothing means knowing you’re wearing quality. We only deal with the best manufacturers and carefully selected the best cottons and fabrics for the active life we know you lead. In fact our general rule is if we wont wear it then we certainly wont sell it! With every order you place we don’t just send you your cosy fit Barmy item, with it we also send you a FREE drawstring bag…..this is for EVERYONE!



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