By Mark Barber | 02.10.2013

splashmapsSplashMaps are weatherproof, light-weight, durable, washable, wearable fabric maps and are ideal for the “real” outdoors of mud, wind, snow and rain… all the conditions that paper is not “cut-out” for. This is a fresh new market offering, never done before; uniquely based upon the best Ordnance Survey data and other Open Data Sources.  We are able to tailor these maps to be the most usable outdoor maps ever for walking, riding, cycling, eventing or anything you could do in the real outdoors.

Where did the idea come from?

Fed up with Paper maps that became mush every time it rained, and not wanting to use laminated maps which are just too heavy and still need to be folded to perfection, I wanted to start a business that put the mapping information into people’s hands as easily as possible.

Where does the map come from?

Ordnance Survey (OS) have recently released some excellent digital data under their Open Data agreement.  This has allowed us to combine OS data with the OpenStreetMap data to provide a totally new product that we can tailor to any outdoor adventurer’s needs.

The OpenStreetMap (OSM) is the Wikipedia of the mapping world, with all the data coming from “the crowd”.  With its origins in the UK but now a global phenomenon, mapping enthusiasts are constantly updating the OSM database with highly detailed and increasingly reliable mapping in digital format.

Visit SplashMaps site for more details: http://www.splashmaps.net/


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