NASS Festival 2013

NASS Main stage (2)

Name:  NASS Festival 2013 Date:    11th – 13th July, 2013 NASS Festival returns in 2013 and today announces its first acts for the event. In a very special announcement NASS welcomes takeovers across 2 stages from 2 of the biggest names in dance music, namely Digital Soundboy and Black Butter Records. The labels will curate a night each using… more »

Extreme Sports 2012 – Highlights

Extreme Sports 2012 Extreme Sports 2012 – Highlights of a magnificent year ‘PEOPLE ARE AWESOME’ style video about various accomplishments and key moments that have happened this year in the Extreme Sports industry. We appreciate there have been many moments that do not feature in the video, but we hope you enjoy it anyway! Also – sorry for the bad quality at… more »

Parkour – Urban Shadows in action 2012

Urban Shadows - Parkour

The Urban Shadows (Parkour crew) performing to the crowd at Eastbourne Extreme 2012

Brutal parkour crash. Robert Stafsing

Brutal parkour crash. Robert Stafsing - video

Second day shooting Roberts next parkour Video he crashed from a roof and fell 6,5m face first. The stunt he was about to preform was something he had done many times before and succeeded

SIDE FLIP TUTORIAL VIDEO – HOW TO – Parkour Freerunning ( Jesse La Flair )

HOW TO - Parkour Freerunning ( Jesse La Flair ) - YouTube

Parkour – How To Side Flip How to do a Side Flip ( Side Flip Tutorial ) with Jesse La Flair and Shane Daniels ( ) from Team Tempest. This is an very easy and detailed side flip tutorial. PLEASE LIKE & SHARE Like everything we do we must find progressions in our movement so that we can learn these moves… more »

Ryan Doyle in China – FreeRunning video

Ryan Doyle in China

Ryan Doyle in China   This latest installment of his world wonders tour sees Ryan Doyle head to China where he takes on everything from martial arts experts to the Great Wall of China. For more on Ryan’s adventures see him practise parkour in Petra and take on the Taj Mahal.

Jason Paul Freerunner – Starts a Chain Reaction

Freerunner Jason Paul

 Jason Paul Freerunner:       You’ve seen art of motion now get ready for some next level freerunning action! Jason Paul decided to put the fun back in the sport by creating the biggest human chain reaction. Check out this giant people powered machine in action, from Germany’s finest freerunner, supported by his crew Team Farang and friends as Jason leaps from a… more »

Epic Parkour 2012

Epic Parkour 2012

Parkour on the streets of London in 2012 is dedicated to the world of extreme sports, bringing you the best of Parkour

Urban Shadows – Parkour Gallery

Urban Shadows - Parkour - Roof Gap Jump

The Urban Shadows Parkour Crew from Eastbourne UK    

Parkour Crew: Urban Shadows

An urban shadows member doing a trick.

It all started around 7 years ago, when Andy returned to England after a year in New Zealand. His brother, Adam, and himself were bored and looking for something to do. There was nothing on the web about parkour then, which was majorly due to no one knowing how to spell it! Andy’s favorite thing at the time was running… more »

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