XRD Impact Protection

By Sara Levy | 03.04.2014

Leading Dutch Trials Rider, Rick Koekoek has launched his new video, which highlights the benefits of XRD Impact Protection, showing how the foam freezes to form a protective guard that absorbs unto 90% of impact injury.  The video features KoeKoek performing stunts in a paper-recycling warehouse with a bonus feature depicting the crashes that didn’t make it in – crashes that without XRD® Protection where molecules freeze upon impact – would have hurt immensely.

Koekoek began his Trials Riding career in 1992 at the age of six and is a high ranking athlete, placed fourth in the world in 2012 and more recently having achieved third place in the UCI World Cup Overall and the UEC Euro Champs last year.

So, what advice does Koekoek offer budding Trials Riders? The secret, apparently, is in his pants. Koekoek says:

1. Protection. I use XRD Impact Protection in my cycling pants on my upper legs and elbows. XRD Technology instantly freezes on impact and forms a protective shell around my body. It consistently absorbs impact yet it looks so thin and is really comfortable.
2. Practice, practice, practice. When I was starting out I would practice at least twice a day for five hours;
3. Plan your trick and really think it through before getting on your bike.
4. When you crash or make a mistake – as long as you haven’t broken any bones – get back up and do it again.
5. Visualise your goal and go for it. Don’t let it go.


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